The new innovative sandscoop by
Golddigger Metal Detector Sales

T-Rex Sand Scoop

New improved T-REX 9.5” Sand Scoop

We have added extra tact welds to the top plate where the handle tube mounts to the re-enforced top plate of the scoop. A Gusset has been added to the front of the handle tube to add rigidity and prevent flexing of the top plate. These improvements will add rigidity and overall strength to the T-REX Scoop.

Cost $179.00

You asked for it. You got it
NEW T-REX 9.5” with 5/8” holes. All the same dimensions of the T-REX 9.5 just larger holes.

The latest design in sand scoop technology
brought to you by Gold Digger Metal Detectors.

We at Gold Digger metal detectors take beach hunting very seriously. As an avid beach hunter for over 20 years, I felt the need for a slightly better beach scoop than what was available in the market place today. I wanted a scoop that would make recovering targets faster and easier. One that had a wider mouth and released wet sand easily, and was functional when moving from dry sand through wet sand and right into the water without missing a beat. A scoop with the strength of stainless and the light weight of aluminum. After several years of thought, several prototypes and thousands of dollars in research and development I have come up with what I believe is the best sand scoop available today.

I also realized that different beach hunters had different needs. The wet sand and water hunters needed a scoop that would hold up in the tightly packed wet sand. This scoop had to be more ridged in design so the metal would not flex when applying pressure to the handle. The top plate had to be deep enough to hold targets in the scoop while hunting in the surf. The 3/8” holes help to keep smaller targets in the scoop so that they won’t drain out like other scoop with larger holes.

Dry sand hunters didn’t need as ridged of a scoop as wet sand hunters and the top of the scoop didn’t have to be as deep. This would allow me to lighten the scoop and not sacrifice performance. I created a stainless steel sand scoop that weighs just 2.8 lbs. on a postal scale. (Without handle).

Note: Dry sand scoop for use in dry sand ONLY!

Please allow me to introduce to you the T-REX Sand Scoop.

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